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Welcome to Willersey, a village in Gloucestershire, England, at the Northern edge of the Cotswold National Landscape (AONB), situated close to the boundary with Worcestershire and southwest of Evesham.

Gloucestershire Flag

We are an historical village with much character which is blessed with two pubs - The New Inn and The Bell Inn,   listed Grade 1 Parish Church, Methodist Church, Primary School, petrol station, garage, Village Hall, sports ground and children's play area.

Here is a definitely very positive, appreciation of Willersey:-
“The living, architectural museum that is the village of Willersey works its magic on the viewer with a visual overload of glowing limestone and it is proof of the pre-eminence of the unspoilt, period street scene. Every house and cottage demands attention as the neighbouring delights of the wooded escarpment fade. The duck pond is also a feature much admired by visitors.”

The houses in Main Street are beautifully set back behind a series of grassy greens.
It has no yellow line parking restrictions, power cables or street lights to clutter its street scene.
“We shape our buildings; thereafter they shape us.” Winston Churchill 1943.

Our village hall is busy and very well used.

The village defibrillators are in yellow cabinets outside a corner of the Village Hall and on the wall of Simon Hall on the Industrial Estate.
Do read these instructions before you need them should a crisis occur.

Tree on the Green in Willersey       Picture of a house in Willersey

Here are some hopefully useful links about Willersey.
Map of Willersey          Cotswold AONB Map    
     Willersey in Wikipedia           Hourly Willersey Weather      Hourly Area Weather

Learn about some of Willersey's history.
Buildings recognised as of merit in the UK are called listed. There are 29 listed buildings in Willersey
A large part of the village is included in a Conservation Area and here is a video about the Cotswold Area of Oustanding Natural Beauty (AONB).

Our churches are St Peter's Parish Church and Willersey Methodist Church.
Willersey Church and Village News is the parish magazine for St Peter's but it serves as a wider community paper.
It is free and delivered once a month to every home in the Parishes of Saintbury and Willersey.
Contributions for any month must be received by the 17th day of the previous month at Willersey Stores or telephone 858601   or 858628   or preferably by email to:-
Broadway,   Chipping Campden,   Blockley,   Honeybourne,   and other North Cotswold Villages also have their newsletters.

Find out about Willersey Church of England Primary School.
Contact our Parish and other Councils.

Do visit our two busy pubs - a key part of village life.
The New Inn      and      The Bell Inn.
A third pub, the Fish Inn also known as The Nook is a 30 minute walk up Campden Lane. Lastly further away, but still technically in Willersey is The Dormy House Hotel.
Here are some pictures of Willersey but you will find many more here on this website.      Willersey on Trip Advisor.

How to travel to and from Willersey.
Willersey is just 1.7 miles from the world famous Broadway Village (its very easy to visit both).
You can visit Broadway, find out more about Broadway, and go to a final guide to Broadway Village.

Broadway Tower is visible on top of the escarpment at the edges of Willersey
but it is (irritatingly?) obscured by trees on a hill when you are in Main Street.

The nearest village to Willersey at 1.3 miles by road, or one mile on footpaths is Saintbury.
Over a mile from Saintbury is the village of Weston sub Edge.

Willersey is just over three miles from the historic, beautiful market town of Chipping Campden
which has at least two websites.   one,    two

Do look at Cotswold Tour and Travel Information for comprehensive information about the Cotswolds.
Here is an interactive map of Willersey.

Just over two miles from Willersey is Dovers Hill. This is the site of the original English Olympic Games, which began there 400 years ago in 1612.

The 62 mile circular walk called the Donnington Way passes through Willersey.
This walk links up with a really extensive network of other paths including the 103 mile Cotswold Way.

Here are some of the nearest facilities to Willersey and how to contact your utility providers in Willersey.
These are mostly easy ways to responsibly dispose of anything in or near Willersey
and this is a list of businesses based in Willersey that have their own websites.
We have a list of clubs and organisations associated with Willersey.

When you email us we may keep a record only of your email address and your name. This will be kept securely. We may in future use it to keep you well informed. If you do not want us to do this please say in your initial email. If in the future you change your mind we will happily delete it, if we have kept it, and inform you that it has been done. (This will be our last email to you at the time!).

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