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Cotswold District Local Plan 2016

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The draft Local Plan has recently been approved by Cotswold District Council (CDC) for submission to an independent planning inspector who will be appointed by the government. This huge project has been undertaken by our forward planning officers and other specialist consultants over the last six years and - as is often the case - we have had to try and balance stringent national forward planning requirements against strong local feelings in some instances, especially regarding certain housing allocations and proposed gypsy and traveller sites.

Although some residents and organisations disagree in whole or in part with what is proposed, the Council must have a robust plan to satisfy the government's criteria for sustainable development and enable our Planning Committee to try their best in countering unwelcome large-scale development. Prior to submitting the plan for examination by the independent inspector in the early Autumn, the Council will be sending a newsletter to all households in the District, explaining how the key policies were drawn up in accordance with national planning policy requirements and outlining the main talking points.

The newsletter will also include details about a forthcoming formal focused six-week period of public consultation on the Draft Plan; it is expected that this consultation will start towards the end of June (dates to be confirmed soon). During the consultation period, people who want to get involved in the examination itself - and/or maintain previous comments about legal compliance or soundness - must submit written representations on an official form. The inspector will look closely at these comments and will want to know why the respondents consider the Plan to be unsound, what changes are being sought, and why those changes would ensure that the Plan is sound. Once we have submitted the Plan in the Autumn, I very much hope that the formal examination will take place early next year.

Tell us what you think about housing

We are currently consulting the public about our new draft housing policy document, which includes the Council's strategic priorities for the next four years until 2020. Members of the public, organisations and partners can submit comments on all sections of the draft plan. The consultation period began on Tuesday 3th May and the deadline for responses is 5 pm on Tuesday 14th June.

The draft plan contains six main objectives:
- Understanding the Cotswold housing market area.
- Increasing the supply and access to all tenures of housing.
- Developing thriving, sustainable communities.
- Providing housing for our most vulnerable residents.
- Making best use of the existing stock.
- Prevent and respond to homelessness.

This Plan is key to ensuring that the range and affordability - of housing in the Cotswolds contributes to a good quality of life, and also supports local communities and the economy. The national housing environment is changing rapidly and this needs to be reflected locally. We want to hear views about this draft plan from all sections of the local community including residents, partners and businesses. It would also be extremely useful to receive information or suggestions about alternative or additional ways to address the issues.

To make public consultation easier, the draft plan document and an online response form are available to download on the Council Website. You can submit your views and comments using an online form which contains a list of general consultation questions about the Housing Plan. The form can be submitted electronically or by post.

Lynden Stowe
Leader Cotswold District Council

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