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View of Willersey from the hill

Local one-off events are published on our facebook page.
These links are in vague alphabetical order.
All about our Defibrillator at the Village Hall
Authors and Artists in Willersey
Bee and Butterfly Friendly Willersey
The Bell Inn - one of our two pubs
Blood Donor Sessions in our Village Hall.
Books and other Willersey Information Sources
Businesses with websites based in Willersey
Willersey Cemetery surrounding our Parish Church
Monthly Willersey with Saintbury Church and Village News
All our Clubs and Societies
Cotswold District Council Press Releases and Newsletters
How to responsibly Dispose of Most Things near to Willersey
The Dogs Trust 2016 photograph in Willersey
The Duck Pond
The 2017 Elections in Willersey
The 2016 Elections in Willersey
The 2015 Election in Willersey
Infrastructure and Facilities in or near Willersey
Willersey Family Histories and census Records
Willersey Footlights, our Amateur Dramatics Group
Examples of letters written to Gloucester Diocese
Some of Willersey's very long History
    Willersey Amateur Horticultural and Craft ShowAugust 28st 2017    
    Willersey Amateur Horticultural and Craft ShowAugust 29st 2016    
    Willersey Amateur Horticultural and Craft ShowAugust 31st 2015    
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Current and Future Housing in Willersey
Initial Plans for the 50 new houses along Collin Lane
Cotswold District Council Housing and Local Plan 2016
Markets and Events either in Willersey or near to it
Willersey Methodist Church
The New Inn - one of our two pubs
Willersey Open Gardens end of June 2016
Obituaries of Saintbury & Willersey Residents
Old Shoe Concealed in Willersey Cemetery Wall
Details of our Parish and other Councils
Petrol Station and Garage in Willersey
Photographs from the 1950s or earlier
Pictures from different parts of Willersey Village and Parish
The celebration of the Queen's 90th Birthday in Willersey
Our Recreation Ground
    The nearby village of Saintbury, St Nicholas Church and Trust Funds    
Willersey Scarecrow Competition 2016>
Willersey Scarecrow Competition 2015>
Many types of Security precautions in Willersey
Willersey Solar Farm on the outskirts of the village
The Village Stores and Coffee Shop
St Peter's, our Parish Church
Traffic through Willersey
Travel to and from Willersey
Tree of Light and Book of Remembrance 2016
Tree of Light and Book of Remembrance 2015
Willersey on Twitter
North Cotswolds University of the Third Age
Contact details for Utilities
Local Vegetables and Fruit
Our Village Hall and car park
The Names on the War Memorial in our Churchyard
Women's Institute in Willersey
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Home Page
Willersey has a facebook page.                    
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