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Willersey Cemetery Surrounds St Peter's Church

Willersey Cemetery

Willersey Cemetery surrounds St Peter's Church. The cemetery has been extended twice to accommodate more burials.
The cemetery near St Peter's Church is owned by the Church. The rest of the cemetery is owned by Willersey Parish Council. To reserve a plot please contact the Parish Clerk.
As well as St Peter's, it also has a glorious view of the Cotswold Hills beyond including the spire of Saintbury Church in the distance.

If you wish to be buried in the cemetery, then here are our charges from September 2014

    Resident Non-resident with Village Relatives Non-resident with no Village Relatives
Plot Purchase (Body)£180 £720 £1,800
Plot Purchase (Ashes)£65 £260 £650
Internment (Body)£150 £600 £1,500
Internment (Ashes)£65 £260 £650
Memorial Headstone£150 £600 £1,500
Memorial Plaque£90 £360 £900
Additional Inscription£40 £40 £40

Willersey Parish Council keep the records of who is buried in the cemetry.

There is no charge for still born babies and children under one year.
The Resident rate applies to someone who was resident in Willersey Parish when reserving a plot, or immediately before death
or has been a resident for not less than five years. A second burial in an existing plot or in a previously reserved plot will
also be at the Resident rate. Children of parents currently resident in Willersey Parish and persons dying in hospital,
elderly care homes or similar who prior to removal to such a place were resident in Willersey Parish will also be at the Resident rate.
Space is now at a premium, so all ashes from cremation will now be interred down either side of the footpath.

Here are the full Cemetery terms and conditions as well as information about headstones, memorials and monuments.

Willersey Cemetery from church tower      Willersey Cemetery view beyond

If you wish to have your loved one cremated then the nearest crematorium to Willersey is at Fladbury.
Here is an interesting article giving some background to English Cemeteries.

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