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A General Election has been announced for Thursday July 4th.

The North Cotswolds Constituency for this election has 71,000 electors which includes 32.500 from the original Cotswold constituency, 21,200 from Tewkesbury and 17,300 from Stroud.

It can speed up the voting process if you can bring your pollcard to the polling station.

There are 650 MP seats in the House of Commons. To secure a victory at this year's general election, one party must win at least 326 of them.

Willersey is in Campden and Vale Ward. Polling stations were open from 7am until 10pm on Thursday 2nd May.
There were four candidates for the Police and Crime Commissioner Election in Gloucestershire on May 2nd.

Conservative candidate Chris Nelson has been re-elected as Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) for Gloucestershire.

The number of votes cast was as follows:
Chris Nelson (Conservative & Unionist) 47,838
Martin Surl (Liberal Democrat) 46,352
Ashley Smith (Labour & Co-Operative) 35,069
Matthew Randolph (Independent) 15,240

Total number of ballots cast across the county was 146,357 and turnout was 29.5%.

Gloucester: 28,611 Turnout: 31%
Cheltenham: 32,327 Turnout: 35%
Cotswolds: 16,848 Turnout: 24%
Forest of Dean: 13,777 Turnout: 19%
Stroud: 39,832 Turnout: 41%
Tewkesbury: 15,312 Turnout: 21%

Because of the pandemic, Mr. Nelson’s current term in office, officially ended on Wednesday 8 May, was for three years. He will now remain in office for the next four years.
He said, “Votes were spread among all four candidates and the result was much closer than last time when I had a majority of 30,000. Now it’s down to just a couple of thousand. I will represent every single person in the county, whether they voted for me or not. It behoves on me to pay attention to all the different voices out there so that I’m not focusing on any one particular group and respect democracy”.

The total number of verified ballot papers was 146,347. In 2021, the number was 280, 611 the highest it has ever been for a PCC election in Gloucestershire. The turnout for the county was 29.5%, well below 2021 when it was 40.9%. In 2016 it was around 30.5% and in 2012 it was just under 16%.

At these elections in May 2024 voters were asked to show photo ID before getting their ballot paper. Accepted IDs included a UK, European Economic Area (EEA), or Commonwealth passport or driver's licence, some concessionary travel passes such as an older person's bus pass or an Oyster 60+ card or a disabled Blue Badge. Voters were be able to use an expired ID if they were still recognisable from the photo.

Now that the law has changed, it is vital that those who want to vote make sure they have an accepted form of ID. This applies to everyone voting at a polling station.

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