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Letters and Posters

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Cotswold District Council is requesting residents to avoid overloading bins because it increases the risk of them splitting and also creates problems for crews handling them.

Recently there has been an increase in the number of bins splitting because residents have loaded them with too much heavy waste - this has been particularly noticeable when filling garden waste bins. When crews collect such heavy bins, there is a tendency for the lip on the front to split during the mechanical emptying process, resulting in the bin falling into the back of the vehicle. Obviously this means that residents have to obtain a new bin, and the Council has to fund a replacement.
Additionally, the crews themselves are more prone to muscular pains if they handle overloaded bins, and this can lead to long-term complications and, potentially, delays in the service. For this reason, crews will be unable to empty bins if they consider them to be too heavy.
Cllr Sue Coakley, the Cabinet Member for Environment at CDC, says,
“I would urge residents to make sure that their filled bins can be easily wheeled to the kerbside by a person with average strength and build. If it is difficult for people to move their bins to the kerbside then it will clearly be difficult for the crews to handle them, and they may have to refrain from emptying them. The health and safety of the Ubico workers is a prime concern, and we should do everything we can to help them work effectively and efficiently.”

Development Plans

Cotswold District Council has finished it Development plan for 2011 to 2031. Scroll down for Willersey detail on their plan document while Wyvhavon in November 2018 is still asking for comments. As Broadway is close to Willersey, any developments there could have an affect on Willersey.

Cotswold District Council Local Plan 2011 to 2031.
Wychavon Plan under development.

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Can you Foster a Child?

Fostering letter from GCC
Fostering Poster from GCC

My Name is Rachael Barker and for many years I have been actively involved in the Shoebox Appeal at the warehouse in Evesham. This year I am fortunate enough to be part of the distribution team travelling to Romania on the 9th December 2018. It would be lovely if the village could be more involved by donating shoebox fillers which I will use to make up completed boxes. Collection points will be at Taylorís Garage, St Peterís church and Gillian and Trevor Bealeís carport in Collin Lane from 29th October to 29th November. The box age ranges are 3-5, 6-11 and 12+ for both boys and girls.
Suggested items to include are :-
Toothbrush and toothpaste
Hairbrush and comb
Facecloth and soap
A soft toy
Ball, game. Puzzle, bubbles
Small musical instrument.

There are also home boxes which can consist of
Cooking utensils (no knives)
Picnic utensils (plates, bowls and cutlery)
Soap and other small toiletries
Small Christmas decoration
Tea towels
Washing line and pegs
Washing up cloths
Make up, jewellery

If you have any questions and would like to find out more please contact me on 01386 859483

Thes two posters are from the Community Safety Officer at Cotswold District Council:-

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