Willersey Photographs mostly from about 1950 to 1965

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These 33 photographs were mostly taken in the 1950s (or earlier). Some people featured are still in Willersey today. Thank you Gillian D for most of these.
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Willersey Cricket Team

Willersey Cricket Team in the clubhouse

Willersey Cricket Team with Cups Won

Willersey Nativity Play

Willersey Guides

Willersey Church Choir

Willersey Pantomime

Willersey W.I.


Willersey Football Team

Willersey outside the school

Willersey Old Village Hall

Willersey Sunday School

Willersey Remembrance Day

Willersey Family

Willersey Summer Day

Willersey Home Guard

Willersey Home Guard members

Willersey Banner and Band

Willersey Church Choir

Willersey Handbells Group 1899 Rose Cottage

Willersey Football Team

Willersey Football Team

Willersey Cricket Team

Willersey School Class

Willersey Older School Class

Willersey Jack Payne Family

Willersey Benfield Group

Football Team

Willersey Class Photo 1981

Willersey School 1962

Willersey Village Hall Willersey School 1956

Willersey Cricket ticket

Willersey jim maude ingles esseie davies

Willersey Main Street 1961


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