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The Queen's 90th Birthday Celebration in Willersey

Willersey people by our pond June 2016

People of Willersey gathering by our pond on the Queen's 90th birthday. (click picture for a larger image.)
This picture was taken by a drone.

Willersey celebrated the Queen's 90th birthday in the afternoon of Saturday June 11th 2016 from 3:00 pm to 7:00pm
Despite a slight threat of rain with very light drizzle in the morning we had a dry day with even a touch of sun from time to time.
It was a really great day for the village. Everything went without a hitch.

Activities for the day were:-
3:00 pm Royal themed fancy dress for children up to 11 yrs.
From 3:15 pm Races (children up to 11 years).
4:30 pm Race to Saintbury Church - young people/adults.
5:00 pm Bring your own picnic, Gazebos, Tables & Chairs
Back of Village Hall (in Village Hall if wet)
Set up from 1:00pm, Tea, coffee & juice available.
Group prize for best themed picnic.
Hats will be worn prize for best decorated hat.

Musical Keyboard, piano, guitar, singing
Footlights - Through the Ages
Toast to the Queen and prizes
Send a message in a big birthday card to the Queen.
Village photo for the archives! Done by a cherry picker and a drone.
Put up flags by Friday 10th (Prince Philip's 95th birthday)
Put out your bunting Find your best hat
Join in - Speak to your neighbour - Spread the word.
EVERYBODY has a part to play!

Letter from Buckingham Palace

Congratulations to all our Winners.

Best Decorated Hat Competition

    Position         Winners    
   1        Yolanda Mills    
   2        Cheryl Clarkson    
   3        Sarah Arthy    
            Highly Recomended    
   4        Adine Keatley    
   5        Audrey Gaskell    

Race Medals Table
    Position         Individual         Medals Table Total    
   1    Ashleigh Duncan     6    
   2        Isla Weekes-Coleman         5    
   3        Xanthe Mills         5    
   4        Daisy Goodwin         4    
   5=        Ricky McGuinness         4    
   5=        Kayleb Arthy         4    

Medals by Family
    Position         Family Name         Medals Table Total    
   1    Mills     8    
   2        Goodwin         7    
   3        Wood         7    
   4        Duncan         6    
   5=        Weekes-Coleman         5    

Saintbury Hill Race
    Number         Name         Age Group    
   1    Chris Bull     1st Adult    
   2    Charlie Akerman     1st 11+    
   3        Tia Reno-Goodwin         1st 10 and under    

Race Winners in Detail - Congratulations
    Race                     Position        
    Number         Age Group         Event         1         2         3    
    1        5 and Under       Flat Race       Daisy Goodwin       Kayleb Arthy       Ricky McGuinness   
    2        8 and Under       Flat Race       Isla Weekes-Coleman       Oliver Boyle       Xanthe Mills   
    3        10 and Under       Flat Race       Jodie Wood/Tia Goodwin       Siobhan Mills       Ashleigh Duncan   
    4        15 and Under       Flat Race            No Entrants        
    5        16 +       Flat Race       Josh Gallan       Nigel Foxall       Nathan Jordan   
    6        5 and Under       Sack Race       Ricky McGuinness       Daisy Goodwin       Ashleigh Duncan   
    7        8 and Under       Sack Race       Oliver Boyle       Isla Weekes-Coleman       Xanthe Mills   
    8        10 and Under       Sack Race       Siobhan Mills       Tia Goodwin       Ashleigh Duncan   
    9        15 and Under       Sack Race            No Entrants        
    10        16 +       Sack Race       Josh Gallan       Kenny Boyle       Nigel Foxall   
    11        5 and Under       Egg and Spoon       Daisy Goodwin       Ricky McGuinness       Kayleb Arthy   
    12        8 and Under       Egg and Spoon       Isla Weekes-Coleman       Lily-Belle Wood       Xanthe Mills   
    13        10 and Under       Egg and Spoon       Yolanda Mills       Ashleigh Duncan       Lily-Belle Wood   
    14        Allcomers       Egg and Spoon       Sophia Hopkinson       Isla Weekes-Coleman       Xanthe Mills   
    15        Allcomers       Egg and Spoon       Frankie Wood       Ashleigh Duncan/Jodie Wood       Lily-Belle Wood   
    16        16 +       Egg and Spoon       Paul Hyden       Rachel Beale       Justine Stephenson   
    17       Under 5 (at least one
of the competitors)  
   Three legged Race       Daisy Goodwin/Kayleb Arthy       Ashleigh Duncan/Milly Gabb Beale       Ricky McGuinness/Sophia Hopkinson   
    18       Under 8 (at least one
of the competitors)  
   Three legged Race       Isla Weekes-Coleman/Tia Moore       Xanthe Mills/Yolanda Mills       Charlotte Boyle/Charlie Akerman   
    19       Adults (at least one
of the competitors)  
   Three legged Race       Sally Heming/Tia Moore jointly
with Rachel Beale/Jodie Wood   
         Steve Jordan/Milly Gabb   

Fancy Dress
    Age Group             Position        
        1         2         3    
   Under 5    Daisy Goodwin Walter Gabb     Milly Gabb    
   Under 7        Lily-Belle Wood     Xanthe Mills    
   8+    Jodie Wood     Charlotte Boyle         Zak Duncan    

A objective view of Willersey near the day.

The Queen at a Willersey window!

The Queen in Willersey garage

Vintage Car display for the Queen.

Vintage cars for the Queen

Village Garden with Union Flags.

Willersey Union flags for the Queen

Decorated Jubilee Tree.

Decorated Willersey Jubilee Tree

Celebratory Wool Decorations by the WI.

Tea table in wool     Cakes in wool

The Queen with her grandchildren.

The Queen with her grandchildren

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