Willersey Scarecrow Competition 2020

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For those of us who would like a bit of a distraction from the ongoing worries we are all having to negotiate, this might just be a better time to throw some of our creative energies into some SOCIALLY DISTANCED SACRECROWS.

Our theme of HAPPY DAYS is a little ironic perhaps, but let's stick with it and it may even encourage a few ‘left field’/ quirky scarecrows!
So here are a few ideas but if something entirely different driven by recent events appeals, then go for it.

Everyone will have their own ideas but perhaps something like:-

what we'd really prefer to be doing rather than...
what makes other folk enjoy a happy day?
what might an outrageous happy day activity be?
what might just a bit of quiet me time look like?
what might be our 'guilty' secret pleasure?

Voting forms and all the razzmatazz that normally accompanies this event is probably a step too far this year.
But, if you'd like to take part in this Willersey ‘just for fun’ Scarecrow Trail to help brighten our daily village exercise, simply display your scarecrow for the week beginning on Monday 24th August, with scarecrows being dismantled after the Monday Bank Holiday.

Bob Topp

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