Traffic through Willersey

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Traffic through Willersey.

Veteran cars in Willersey

Originally the Broadway bypass on the A44 did not exist so all traffic went through Broadway High Street and as Evesham did not have the A46 bypass, the A46 went through Willersey. Traffic was much lighter in those days. The Evesham bypass opened in 1987 which in time took on the function and name of the A46 and the Broadway bypass opened in 1998 to take the A44 traffic. The original A46 in Willersey is now renamed the A4632. The place names on the road signs have not been altered so if you want to go to Stratford from Evesham you are sent up the Broadway bypass and down Main Street in Willersey rather than along Collin Lane. Satnavs are more sensible!

Willersey is just off the A44 where it runs from Oxford to Evesham. It is well signposted at the Evesham end of this section of the A44. Willersey has very few double yellow lines and parking restrictions but you are also very welcome to park (for free) in the Village car park behind the Village Hall at any time.

When driving from the Broadway direction to Willersey there is a very sharp left hand bend opposite the Methodist Church. If you wish to turn right up Campden Lane at this point, because of poor visibility it may be better to go down Main Street, turn round and approach the junction from a safer, different direction.
This picture shows a lorry negotiating this sharp bend and being forced to come across the whole road.

Lorry at The Gables Willersey

Here are two more pictures of lorries negotiating this sharp bend.

Lorry at The Gables Willersey      Lorry at The Gables Willersey

Two Build Outs are planned for Collin Lane in Willersey.

Amey delivers highways services across Gloucestershire.
Here is a letter from Amey about a consultation on the proposed build outs in Collin Lane.
This is the latest plan for the build outs ( and here is an earlier plan.)
The last offical date for comments was Friday 3rd March.

The greatest concentration of road accidents in Willersey happen at the mini roundabout at the bottom of Main Street.

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