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The first age is learning at school., the second is learning at work and the third age is when that is over and you can learn whatever you like. Our name can be misleading. We are not remotely like university students. We do not sit exams. It is all about friendship, keeping active in body and mind, and enjoying our leisure hours in ways that our parents would have envied.
We are local people like you living in the North Cotswolds. Begun in 1996 we have grown to currently 30 interest groups and over 400 members.

For more comprehensive information do visit the North Cotswold U3A Website and here is the latest newsletter.

Our October 2021 Open meeting at Willersey Village Hall on October 14th was a talk starting at 2.00 pm by the Severn Freewheelers, a group of advanced motorcyclists who provide a free out of hours courier service between hospitals & healthcare facilities in Gloucestershire, Worcestershire, Herefordshire & North Wiltshire carrying medical essentials.
This was followed by a short AGM & refreshments. We hope you will be able to attend. Your support at the meeting would be welcome to ensure the continuation of our U3A.

Here is a copy of the membership application form taken from the North Cotswold U3A Website.

Monthly Open Meetings are held at Willersey Village Hall on the second Thursday of each month starting at 2.00pm and usually finishing by 4.00pm.
There are over 34 special interest groups who hold their own meetings at various village halls within the area and at members homes. Meetings are usually held during the day.

Officers before AGM    
ChairmanChris Selby   01386 853512   
Vice-ChairmanColin Sagar   01386 849168   
Business Secretary   Brian Thackeray      01386 858973   
TreasurerEric Watts   01386 854661   
Ably supported by     
   Membership Secretary   John Bissett   01386 859319   
Minutes SecretaryBarbara Matthias   01386 300245   
Welfare OfficerSue Lindsay   01386 446541   
Group CoordinatorSharon Thackeray   01386 858973   
Website ManagerColin Sagar   01386 849169   
  Alun Davies   01386 842944   
  Peter Grant   01386 858268   
Open Meetings   Joan Rees and Marilyn Watts     

North Cotswold U3A 20th Anniversary
It was back in 1996 when a group of enthusiasts based in Willersey decided to form a new U3A covering the North Cotswolds. From that tentative start with just a few members, the organisation now has over thirty groups and around four hundred members and has proved to be very successful, with many members residing in and around Willersey and Broadway.

What is the U3A? The full title is University of the Third Age and is open to all people no longer in full time employment, or no longer raising a family, and is a self-educational and social body with members instructing and guiding other members in subjects such as opera appreciation, earth sciences, French, Italian, history, engineering and transport, art appreciation, singing, cooking, gardening, making greetings cards, sewing, painting and photography. Members can learn to play the recorder or ukulele; there is a reading group; scrabble and mah-jong are eagerly pursued. For the more active type there are walking groups, there is a skittles group, a table tennis group, a touch tennis group, a golf croquet group and a Scottish country dancing group. On the purely social side there is a Sunday lunch group and a theatre group which attends performances all over the area.

We have been building up to this healthy state of affairs for twenty years and in order to showcase our achievements the North Cotswold U3A held an Open Day at Willersey Village Hall on Saturday September the 10th 2017 (admission FREE!!) from 10:00 a.m. until late afternoon, where the various groups will demonstrate their activities to anyone enlightened enough to attend. Refreshments (not free!) will be available all day and the lucky visitor may hear the singers sing, the ukuleles strum and the recorders warble.

So, why not come along? Parking is plentiful and we're not known as “The Friendly U3A” for nothing. You never know, you may be so impressed that you wish to join us!

Keith Horden
North Cotswold U3A (Retired) Chairman

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