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Willersey & Saintbury Authors and Artists

A Life in Poetry
Julian McMaster Harvey

Julian Harvey came to live permanently in Willersey in 1999 with her husband Anthony, when he retired after many years as Canon and Sub-Dean of Westminster Abbey. He has now edited and published a selection of nearly eighty of Julian's poems, written over a period of more than seventy years.

The book, beautifully printed and produced by The Vale Press in Willersey, also contains enlightening introductions to some of the poems by Anthony, and reproductions of several of Julian's watercolours and gouaches of flowers and plants: she was also a gifted painter. The poems touch on a variety of subjects: memories of friends and relations, reflections on the natural and spiritual worlds, and disarmingly frank thoughts on personal relationships and her own battles with depression and, in her final years, incipient dementia. Julian's use of metaphor and imagery can be startlingly original, and certain phrases and lines linger in the memory for their sheer beauty and inventiveness. Her insight into experiences and emotions is such that readers may well find they resonate with their own. Over the years one can accumulate, sometimes with embarrassment, ‘slim volumes’ of verse by friends who have felt the urge to venture into print; but to my mind Julian Harvey's poems are of an altogether higher order and accomplishment than most which have come my way.      J.N.B.

Memoir of a Ministry, A Profession, and a Marriage
A E Harvey

Foreword by Rowan Williams

Below is a description of this book and do click here to print out a copy of this flyer.

Description of Drawn Three Ways book by A E Harvey

Sadly Canon Harvey has recently died. Here is
his obituary on this website.
Several bookshops stock all Canon Harvey's books. Here is an article about the meaning of Daily Bread in the Lord's Prayer.

Moira Huntly Boats at Staithes      Moira Huntly Saumane Provence

             Boats at Staithes                                                  Saumane, Provence

Artist, Moira Huntly of Willersey.

Moira is interested in marine and industrial subjects, buildings in the landscape, as well as figures and still life, and paints in most media including mixed media.
Working in the studio from keenly observed ‘on the spot’ drawings, in her paintings she is searching for a balance between the figurative and abstract patterns
distilled from the drawings, and her love of colour is in the tradition of the Scottish Colourists.

Moira Huntly Sketchbook Secrets

Originally published by David & Charles, now published by FW Media International Ltd Exeter

Moira is the author of several books on drawing and painting.

Moira Huntly Broadway Worcestershire      Moira Huntly Willersey Gloucestershire

Moira Huntly and family came to live in Willersey in 1962. It wasn't long before she made a number of pen and ink drawings of villages in the area especially Willersey. In 1994 Moira was asked by the minister to do a painting of Willersey Church of England School which she duly presented, and still has the hand written thank you letters received from the school.

Helen Simpson Drawing     Helen Simpson Pastel

Two examples of artist Helen Simpson's work.

A novel by Willersey novelist Robert MacNeil Wilson

A young manager and his pitmen fight to save their mine, their industry and, ultimately, their very way of life. Half a mile down, they face an impossible deadline and the underground hazards of fire, flood and roof collapse.
The Miners' Strike turns their pit village into a battlefield and casts them onto opposing sides of a conflict that severs the bonds of family, friendship and love. The women's stories are told, as the struggle causes them to see themselves in a new light.
Comradeship contrasts with infamy, cynical self-interest with duty as a heroic band of men come together to face a terrifying challenge, deep underground. As the story races to its cliff-hanging climax, only time and events will determine who of them and which of their relationships will survive…

As a pitman, himself, Willersey-man ROBERT MACNEIL WILSON has written of what he knows.
THE ENEMY WITHIN is a unique, riveting insight into the events of a tumultuous period that continues to fascinate.

You won't read it – you'll live it.

PUBLISHED by TROUBADOR on 28th October 2016

SPECIAL OFFERS: Order special discounted, signed copy for £6.00 by emailing rmw@unisonprojects.co.uk Or £6.99 from publisher with codeword GALA for special discount.
On sale at Blandford's Bookshop, Broadway.

General Andrew Gregory     Rick and Maureen

Portrait artist Simon Taylor.

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