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Willersey is well served for Broadband. British Telecom brought fibre to Willersey near the Pike Roundabout and from there currently, broadband is delivered on the existing copper cables. Gigaclear some years ago buried fibre throughout Willersey with potential access to every house. FullFibre now in 2023 want to install another overhead fibre network on very tall extra poles throughout Willersey. Why not bury these fibres? Is there not a better commercial opportunity elswhere in the UK?

More to come - Under Construction

Cotswold Journal Willersey protest

Willersey and Broadway Protests against Broadband Poles

Email from our MP to FullFibre.

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Pole map for Willersey.

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Scroll down for many examples of pole installations.

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Unintended consequences - a timeline.

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Technical Fibre Details.

Fibre Details.

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Which is better? Fibre strung on poles or buried.

Buried or pole fibre?

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