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Willersey Women's Institute

Given the situation with coronavirus we will not be meeting in the near future and we will keep you informed by email or telephone.
Willersey Village News also includes reports from the WI.

Willersey Women's Institute meets on the 2nd Monday of every month in the Village Hall at 7:15pm (except in August).
Both male and female guests are welcome on payment of £4 entry.

    President     Mal Jeffs     858351    
   Joint Secretaries        Mary Frost and Lizzie Robinson        853443    
   Treasurer        Gi Kavanagh         853136    

The records of our meetings including future meetings are in the Willersey Church & Village News.
You can see the village notice boards for details of our monthly speakers.

The Women's Institute has a long history worldwide. Here is even more history.

The Queen at WI in 2015

The Queen at the National Celebrations of our UK centenary.

Willersey WI
Invited all senior citizens resident in the Village
to a Traditional Christmas Lunch
on 2nd December 2017
In the Village Hall
at 12.30 for 1.00pm
You could register at the shop or print out this form and take it to the shop.

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