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Willersey with Saintbury, Monthly Church and Village Newsletter

Willersey with Saintbury Church and Village News is published at the beginning of every month (except for combined December/January and Summer holiday editions).
A free copy is delivered to every house in Willersey and Saintbury. Extra copies are also available at Willersey Stores, St Peter's Church, the Methodist Church, our two Pubs,
Willersey Garage and the Tourist Office in Broadway.
(The Tourist Office is open 10-5 Monday to Saturday, 11-3 Sundays October to Christmas, and closed January to the 1st week in February.)

The current edition will usually appear here no later then five days after the paper deliveries are made, ie no later than the 5th of the month. The newsletters may take a short time to download. The cover and advertisements are separate files.

Willersey News is the Parish Magazine for Willersey and also for Saintbury, Gloucestershire.
Its contents includes news from various village organisations, details of the local church services, Village meetings, general articles and advertisements from businesses serving the area.
The Newsletter is run and delivered entirely by volunteers for the benefit of the village and its visitors.

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December 2018/January 2019 December 2018/January 2019
November 2018 November 2018
October 2018 October 2018
The page order may seem strange say (20-1, 2-19, 18-3, 4-17, etc) but this is a consequence of the layout needed for printing a booklet double sided on A4 paper folded to A5.

Almost all of the cost of the Newsletter is paid for by our Advertisers. Please use them if you need the services they offer.
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Willersey Church and Village

Here are some past editions of our Church and Village Newsletters for each month.

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September 2018 September 2018
August 2018 August 2018
July 2018 July 2018
May/June 2018 May/June 2018
April 2018 April 2018
March 2018 March 2018
February 2018 February 2018
December 2017/January 2018 December 2017/January 2018
November 2017 November 2017
October 2017 October 2017
September 2017 September 2017
July/August 2017 July/August 2017
June 2017 June 2017
May 2017 May 2017
April 2017 April 2017
March 2017 March 2017
February 2017 February 2017
December 2016/January 2017 Dec/Jan 2017
November 2016 November 2016
October 2016 October 2016

September 2016
August 2016
July 2016
June 2016
May 2016
April 2016
March 2016
February 2016
December 2015/January 2016
November 2015
October 2015
     September 2015     
August 2015
July 2015
June 2015

If you have an article you would like included in the edition for next month, please email it to by the 17th of the previous month (except for December and the Summer editions). Copy can also be left at Willersey Stores. Editing starts on the morning of the 18th of each month. Thank you,     Alan and Bill     Editors.

Vale Press in Willersey do the printing and collating. We are always pleased to receive donations which help towards the costs. Thank you to those who have given donations over the past year. There are ten editions a year. The December and January editions are combined as the printer has an annual break. One other copy a year sometime in the summer is also a combined edition.
The printed copies are collected from Vale Press each month. They are then divided into batches for the 15+ volunteers who deliver the free copies to every house in Willersey and Saintbury. Many thanks to our volunteers who deliver the copies throughout Willersey. If you know of someone who does not receive a copy, please let an editor know on 858628 or 858601 (Leave a message if there is no reply) and their details will be passed to the appropiate volunteer.

When you email us we may keep a record only of your email address and your name. This will be kept securely. We may in future use it to keep you well informed. If you do not want us to do this please say in your initial email. If in the future you change your mind we will happily delete it if we have kept it and inform you that it has been done, (This will be our last email to you at the time!).

“Welcome to Willersey” Booklet

If you know of someone who has recently moved to Willersey and has not received a copy, then please contact the Parish Council on 01386 853635 or the editor to get a copy of the
“Welcome to Willersey” booklet to give to them.

Copy of the latest Welcome to Willersey booklet
For completeness - here is the cover
Pages 10 and 11 are this diagram of Willersey
Here is another copy of the Willersey map/diagram

(You may need a reader for a pdf type file installed on your computer, tablet or phone to read these newsletters.)

There is a library of back copies of the Newsletter. If you would like to consult it please send an email to
There are some gaps in the library which we would like to fill:-
If you have any Newsletters before June 1979 and between December 1989 and November 2007, we would be very happy to give them a good home (with their friends and family!). Thank you.

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