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Willersey Covid-19 Volunteer Support

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Willersey Covid-19 Support Group Volunteers

Firstly, we would like to welcome 25 more volunteers to the group since our last communication, thank you so much for signing up and for the work that some of you have already done. We are now a group of 70! 27th March 2020.

We have already responded to our first 15 requests for help and have made a commitment to continue to provide weekly help to some of these parishioners (food parcels and prescription deliveries). The support we deliver will grow the longer lockdown persists. We have been asked if we are part of the Government's volunteer initiative. Whilst we are not at this time, we are registered with Gloucestershire County Council and will be ready to support any wider initiative if asked to do so.
We have set up a volunteer WhatsApp group. If you haven't been “invited” already, click on this link and add yourself to the group. We will continue to share information by email and use WhatsApp for calls for more instant help. We are conscious that you are all volunteers and are not necessarily Healthcare Professionals, so we are issuing some important instructions and practical advice so you can protect yourself, your family and the parishioners that we are supporting, from the spread of the Covid-19 virus (please see below).

If you develop symptoms yourself, please let us know, in confidence, so that we can take you off the Volunteer roster for the duration of your isolation. We have been really heartened by your offers of support and the Steering Group would like to thank you for this. None of us have done this before and we are volunteers ourselves so please be patient with us and we will do our very best to support Willersey and Saintbury parishioners.

Instructions and Guidance To make sure you are confident in delivering support and to provide essential assurance to those organising these services as well those receiving them, we have prepared the attached:
Go to Instructions on Risk Management preventing the spread of infection.
Go to Instructions on Confidentiality respecting and protecting our parishioners' confidentiality.
Go to Volunteers Guidance Notes covering practicalities.

Other important and helpful information is available on the Willersey Website Coronavirus Page .

Please read the instructions, guidance and information carefully. If there is anything that you do not understand please let us know.

Keep Safe - Keep Your Distance and Keep Washing your Hands.

Instructions on Risk Management; preventing the spread of infection.
Below are our instructions on Risk Management.

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Instructions on Confidentiality; respecting and protecting our parishioners' confidentiality.
Below are our instructions on Confidentiality.

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Volunteers Guidance Notes; covering practicalities.
Below are our Volunteers Guidance Notes.

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The Willersey Covid-19 Steering Group

If you are housebound, in isolation and require assistance during this difficult time, please call our Call Centre number below, where your call will be directed to a local volunteer in Willersey Parish.
The Call Centre telephone number is: 0330 1070 300 (calls are charged at a local rate).
This number is for non-medical assistance only. For medical assistance, still call 111 or for emergencies 999.

Our team of volunteers can help you, in the first instance, by collecting shopping and prescriptions. We have over 30 volunteers ready and willing to help, so your request will be absolutely no trouble.
Other services will be offered as we develop our response and network of volunteers.

Please also contact us via email if you have concerns about any neighbours who may require assistance. Email:

For as long this situation lasts, we will keep you updated via the village notice boards, flyers and our Facebook page: www.facebook.com/Willersey/ .

If you wish to help with volunteering or have any questions please also email:

From Willersey Covid-19 Support Group's Steering Group
Anthony Lishman (Chairman),     Robert McNeil Wilson,     Neville Jelfs,     Justine Steventon,     Quentin Thomas,     Kevin Wainwright,     Wendy Riley,     Briony Lusted,     Alison Braithwaite     and Kristina Drury.

If you'd like to volunteer to help in the village during this time please email
to add your name to our helpers list.
Include in your email:
Name and Address     Email address
Mobile phone number     WhatsApp? Yes/No

Please don't call the new helpline number on the flier unless you are in need of help!     Many thanks everyone...

The virus doesn't move. People move it. We stop moving. The virus stops moving. The virus dies. It's that simple.

On some surfaces the virus can die quickly but it appears the longest it can survive is 72 hours.

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