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How to get to ( and leave from ) Willersey Village.
Coordinates: 52°03'00"N 1°50'49"W / 52.05°N 1.847°W

Waiting Willersey Bus

Willersey is about 1.7 miles from Broadway depending on your route. You can walk along the Broadway and Leamington Roads or there are about three different footpath routes which make for more pleasant walking. The most comprehensive map of footpaths are on Ordnance Survey map OL45 or you can buy a cheaper Complete Footpath Guide to Broadway from places such as the Tourist Office near to the Co-op or Broadway Tower. If you are walking your dog then this leaflet from Gloucester County Council may be useful.
Footpaths in Willersey have changed little over the years other than some diversions caused by some housing developemnts. All the footpaths are now registered under the Footpaths and Countryside Act 1949.

Footpaths in Willersey
One possible route is first to take a bus to Broadway. Start at the front of the Lygon Arms, turn left, head past Lloyds Pharmacy and take the path through to the Co-op. Go down Gordon Close to the thatched house, turn right and go along the footpath, through the gate at the end, leftish and keep going ahead. Eventually you will pass some houses on your right. Keep straight ahead through a small wood. Go through a farm gate, past a stable on the left and cross some more fields. Follow the path through some more vegetation and go under the Broadway bypass through a tunnel. Cross another field, go over the stream bridge, turn left and just keep going. Eventually you will arrive in Collin Close. Turn right, and after 100 yards/metres turn left onto Blind Lane which brings you to Main Street by the village pond. Click on the map for more detail. Enjoy.

To come back by a slightly longer different route, go up Broadway High Street and then continue past the traffic roundabout to the Upper High Street. turn left into Bibsworth Lane and take a tunnel under the bypass. You will now be on a footpath. Take the left fork and keep going straight on past Foxhill Manor and the Fish Inn. You will eventually arrive at Campden Lane. Turn left and head downhill to Willersey.

An alternative walk to Broadway is the old railway track. This is longer but its a good walk - maybe take some cutters if the brambles have grown!

Old Railway path

Willersey Parish Council in the past published a booklet of six walks around Willersey. Click here for scans of the booklet.
Walking in Gloucestershire contains hundreds of free walks to download and print.

Click on the map below for a larger image. On this map Defined Footpaths in Gloucestershire are in pink and bridle paths in blue. The black line is the boundary with Worcestershire so its Defined Footpaths are on a different map. In the year 2026 unrecorded pre 1949 public rights of way will cease to exist if not specifically preserved. If you see an omission do let Willersey Parish Council know.

Willersey Defined Gloucestershire Footpaths
Technically the legal map is in the map room at Shire Hall in Gloucestershire.
Here is the definitve map for Worcestershire. Zoom in to see the footpaths. You may need to access both maps to get a complete picture.

Willersey Parish Council is keen that all footpaths in Willersey are on the defined map. The following documents can help you with this.

Information Sheet.      Online path resources.

Covering Letter from Cotswold DC.

This could be a useful walking and cycling resource.

The shortest route is along the Leamington Road. If you are coming from the East, take care descendng Fish Hill which is steep and exhilarating but could be dangerous. There is a quieter route down Campden Lane but it is one of the steepest roads in the North Cotswolds. Riding up is a definite challenge. This is a very old road. The hard limestone of the Cotswolds wears down at a rate of 2 inches per century, thus giving this road an age of 10,000 years. A slightly flatter route goes through Saintbury. The route from Evesham is much flatter and for the quiet life use Badsey Lane rather than the A44.
From Stratford-upon-Avon the B4632 road is undulating but can be busy at peak times.

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Reporting Potholes

Currently residents and councillors report highway problems, especially potholes, to the Parish Clerk and I then report them via the link below as any member of the public can. It would cut out the middleman if everyone went direct, especially as the website allows complainants to pinpoint the problem on a map instead of giving the clerk vague directions. The clerk is happy to chase up problems if they have not been addressed but if it would help if he can reference a complaint.
The Parish Council telephone number is 01386 853635 and email address is willerseyparishcouncil@btconnect.com
Report potholes.

Here is a map of current roadworks in Gloucestershire.

Blue Light Aware - hopefully informative.

Where are speed cameras in Gloucestershire?

This is the 2022 speed camera report from Cotswold DC.

This is a quick and easy way to identify precisely where you are. The centre of Willersey Pond say would be fond.income.joggers.

Fortunately Willersey is a unique village/town name worldwide so there will be no confusion about where you are driving to.
Willersey has an astonishing thirty one postcodes. WR12 7PJ is the largest and the most central so it is probably the best one to put into any sat nav.
Here is a full list of the other postcodes in Willersey. The first part is always WR12.
These postcodes give the impression that Willersey is in Worcestershire, but it is definitely in Gloucestershire. These postcodes are as they are because our post comes from Worcestershire.
In April 2022 there are 1.8 million postcodes in the UK and 31 million properties. This is about 17 properties on average per postcode.

Willersey is just off the A44 where it runs from Oxford to Evesham.
It is well signposted at the Evesham end of this section of the A44.

Willersey has very few double yellow lines and parking restrictions. There are four car parks in Willersey. The Village Hall car park is for those who are using it for meetings and events. There is also a car park at the end of Church Lane for those who are visiting the Church. Both pubs, The New Inn and The Bell have their own car parks.

We live in Gloucestershire but are very close to Worcestershire. Roadworks and road closures by both counties can affect us. Each county has a different way of putting these on the web. Here are the Gloucestershire roadworks. Willersey is always near the end.      Worcestershire publishes an interactive map, Click on the insignificant plus sign at the bottom right hand side to zoom in, to see the detail. You can drag this map to the area you want to see.
When driving from the Broadway direction to Willersey there is a very sharp left hand bend opposite the Methodist Church. If you wish to turn right up Campden Lane at this point, because of poor visibility it may be better to go down Main Street, turn round and approach the junction from a safer, different direction.

Campden Lane is one of the steepest roads in the area and in cold weather can be very icy - particularly as a stream flows for a short way down it. Gloucester Highways are going to erect two hinged signs that have the snow flake symbol on Campden Lane along with a plate saying that the road is Liable to Ice. One of their gangs with a JCB recently - December 2017 - went up the hill, removed ice and shovelled out the channel. Again in March 2018, Campden Lane was treacherous. Look at the weather and just avoid it.

Go here for more information about traffic through Willersey.

As of January 2024 here are all the fixed-speed cameras in Worcestershire.

A449 in Ombersley, Crossway Green, Hartlebury, Ombersley - 50mph (Average Speed)
A4184 Cheltenham Rd, Evesham - 30mph
Birchfield Rd, Redditch - 30mph
A44 New Road, Worcester - 30mph
A4103 Leigh Sinton - 30mph
A451 Minster Rd, Stourport - 30mph
Tybridge St, Worcester - 30mph
Rainbow Hill, Worcester - 30mph
Wolverhampton Rd, Kidderminster - 30mph
Windmill Drive, Redditch - 40mph
A38 The Foregate/Shaw Street (Red Light camera)
M5 between junction 6 (Worcester) until junction 4a (M42) - Variable speed

Approximate distance in miles and journey time in minutes to reach nearby towns.

Town Distance Time
Broadway   4
Chipping Campden       8
Evesham   6 13
Bidford on Avon   9 16
Moreton-in-Marsh 10 15
Shipston-on-Stour 11 22
Winchcombe 11 19
Pershore 13 23
Stow on the Wold 14 22
Stratford upon Avon 14 26
Alcester 16 23
Tewkesbury 16 28
Bourton on the Water 16 24
Chipping Norton 18 29
Cheltenham 18 36
Worcester 23 40
Upton on Severn 24 36
Gloucester 27 42

If you have an electric car then this can help you find charging points.

Drivers of electric vehicles will soon from March 2022 have greater choice about charging their cars following Cotswold District Council's approval for more charging stations to be installed in four council owned car parks. In total, ten new electric vehicle charging points (EVCPs), providing twenty connection points, are expected to be installed during the first phase of the works as the Council looks to respond to the climate emergency by providing more sustainable transport options and anticipate the future needs of its residents. Under the proposals, the existing but now outdated and decommissioned units at The Beeches (Cirencester) and Old Market Way (Moreton-in-Marsh) car parks will be upgraded with new 7kW fast chargers. The roll out will be delivered by EB Charging, will also see the car parks at the Council's Trinity Road offices (Cirencester) and Rissington Road (Bourton-on-the-Water) receive EVCPs for the first time. The chargers at the Trinity Road offices will be available to the public and it is hoped they will be of particular benefit to nearby residents.

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Willersey has three bus routes going through it. One bus route starts in Willersey - the R4 to Evesham telephone 01386 48655. From June 2020 a new timetable is in operation and the buses are not coming to pick up in Willersey unless you phone Cresswells on 01386 48655. There are no Saturday or Sunday buses now. Use it or lose it!
Another bus the Route 1 passes through Willersey as it goes between Moreton-in-Marsh and Stratford-upon-Avon. Here is the timetable.

The last route, the 606 goes between Chipping Campden and Cheltenham so when catching it you have the advantage of a waiting bus to sit in at the Cheltenham end. For light shopping it is convenient as you arrive right in the centre of Cheltenham and have no traffic hassle or parking charges. Pulhams Coaches are run it 01451 820369. No buses on Sunday.
This is the 606 timetable.

As three bus routes go between Broadway and Willersey - the 1, R4 and 606 on a weekday there are 13 buses a day at the moment between the two towns.

A quarter million pound investment from Cotswold District Council to help change the area around Moreton-in-Marsh train station into a transport hub for the North Cotswolds. Cotswold District Council has agreed to pass on a £250,000 developer contribution towards Moreton-in-Marsh Town Council's plans to refurbish Redesdale Hall and develop the railway station into an innovative transport hub. Cllr Juliet Layton, Cabinet Member for Development Management and Licensing, said: “This is an historic investment into Moreton's infrastructure and it comes after years of housing development which has changed the face of the town.
“Many local people are fed up that these developments haven't had the adequate infrastructure to support people already living in the town and those people making their home here.
“Moreton-in-Marsh railway station has the potential to become a key stop in the North Cotswolds.” Combined with bus services, walking and cycling routes, there is potential to create a sustainable transport hub to benefit the wider area.

To progress the Town Council's plans, funding is required for the project to reach the stage where there is a suitable design for the Transport Hub to apply for and achieve planning approval. Once the initial stages are concluded, central government grants or other third-party funding will be sought to progress the main works which are estimated to be in the region of £3m for the wider station area. Design consultants are due to be appointed in October 2022.

If the buses are not used sufficiently there is always a chance they may be withdrawn as has happened to the buses about 7:00am in the morning. Do use them if you have no compelling reason to take a car. Subsidy to buses is vulnerable to cuts as councils do not have a duty in law to support them as they do for say education, social care and road maintenance. A successful bus market can cut congestion, reduce social isolation, help the environment and offer economic benefits.

Waiting Willersey Bus

On Tuesdays the Hedgehog Community bus route H3 passes through Willersey to Stratford-upon-Avon. If you have any queries about this then please telephone 01386 841849. They have their latest timetables on their website. You can also hire Hedgehog Buses privately.

National Public Transport Access Nodes (NAPTAN), is a national system for uniquely identifying all points of access to public transport
in the UK. Every station, coach terminus, airport, bus stop, etc., is allocated at least one unique identifier.
In Willersey we have three bus stops and each is given two identifiers according to the direction of travel of the buses.
Here is a list of the these identifiers
glogdgtgField LaneTowards Mickleton, Stratford and The Pike
glogdgpgField LaneTowards Broadway, Cheltenham, Evesham, Greenhill and Moreton
glogdgtjDuck PondTowards The Pike, Mickleton and Stratford
glogdgtmDuck PondTowards Broadway, Cheltenham, Evesham, Greenhill and Moreton
glogdgpjThe Pike - roundaboutTowards Mickleton and Stratford
glogdgpgThe Pike - roundaboutTowards Broadway, Cheltenham, Evesham, Greenhill and Moreton

What use are these identifiers? Well you can verify that you are standing at the correct stop as it should be on display.
You can text it to 84268 to find the next bus times according to the timetable - eventually these will be in real time.
Finally you can also type the ID here for comprehensive timetable information.
The nearest Worcestershire bus stop is on the Broadway Road between the the two county signs. You may want to walk to it to take advantage
of a bus pass on some buses. Its identifier is wocdpagd.

The bustimes website has photographs of most of the bus stops in the country. Here they are for Willersey.
If you are a visitor then this can be a useful website.

To apply for a bus pass go here. To change an address on a bus pass, normally you take along proof of your new address (which can be a driving licence, passport, utility bill, or council tax bill) to a local participating library. This includes the main libraries at Gloucester, Cheltenham, Tewkesbury, Cirencester, Newent, Cinderford, and Lydney. On some occasions, you can change an address by a letter or email. This email or letter would need to include your previous and current addresses and postcodes along with your full name.
These participating libraries are also where applications for an age-related bus pass can be made by those who are not computer literate with the help of library staff. This includes the facility to take photos for the bus passes and help with all parts of the application. (Staff at these libraries can also replace lost bus passes for a fee of £5 for those who do not want to use the online replacement portal. The full list of participating libraries can be found here. The closest of these to Willersey is Chipping Campden but Winchcombe Library may be more convenient as its on a bus route!

Gloucestershire Council has introduced an on demand bus service called The Robin. It comes close to Willersey but doesn't come here completely.

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Cotswold Volunteers North
Provide transport for people who need to meet appointments, have no transport of their own and are unable to use public transport.
The volunteers charge 50p per mile. Contact details are here.

Community Connexions accessible minibus services launch in the North Cotswolds on 15th May 2023. From then onwards you can call 0345 680 5029 or email info@communityconnexions.org.uk to book your group trips as well as the shopper routes which start on 16th and 18th May. Shopper routes are pre-bookable too as most passengers need collecting from and dropping to their doors. Passengers in all areas can use shoppers. Just ring us to book and we will advise on times etc as it depends on where you live and the number of people going as to what time we will collect.
Community Connexions Website

Moreton in Marsh (Market every Tuesday)
Route 72MM (Moreton) (am)
Tuesday to Aldi or Market Square Moreton
Pickup areas
Aston Subdege, Weston Subdege, Hidcote Boyce, Willersey, Ebrington, Charingworth, Chipping Campden, Broad Campden, Draycott, Todenham, Aston Magna, Blockley, Lower Lemington, Batsford, Bourton on the Hill, Moreton in Marsh, Sezincote, Hinchwick, Longborough, Evenlode, Temple Guiting, Condicote, Donnington, Broadwell, Upper Swell, Adlestrop, Stow on the Wold, Lower Swell, Maugersbury, Upper Oddington, Dylesford, Barton, Guiting Power, Lower Slaughter, Wyck Rissington, Bourton on the Water, Church Westcote, Upper Rissington

Lift Share
Have you considered liftshare?

Local Taxis and Private Hire
Here are contact details for local taxi companies in increasing distance order from Willersey.
   Q B Cabs         Sandscroft Avenue, Broadway         WR12 7EL        Tel: 07850 888565    
   AJW's Taxis & Private Hire Vehicles         48 Sandscroft Avenue, Broadway         WR12 7EL        Tel: 07598 954848    
   Elite Travel Taxis in Broadway         36 Averill Close, Broadway         WR12 7RA        Tel: 01386 853057    
   Westside Taxis         53 Leamington Road, Broadway         WR12 7EG        Tel: 07825 178838    
   Cotswold Private Hire & Tours      Mark            07895 028 448    
(The nearest van hire is Cotswold Vehicle Hire in Badsey 01386 830423 or 07779 337001.)

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The nearest train station is 3.4 miles away in Honeybourne. From here trains run directly to London Paddington via Oxford, Reading and Slough. They also go to Worcester and Hereford.
National Rail Enquiries or telephone 03457 48 49 50 will help you plan any journey.
From May 2022 the new Crossrail line will make onwards journey into London easier because of a new interchange at Reading. It will be known as the Elizabeth line.
The trains heading out of London go to Evesham, Malvern, Ledbury and Hereford. You cannot buy tickets at Honeybourne Station so if you do not have a ticket, it is best once on the train, to fairly soon find the guard, and buy one. If you do go to Evesham to buy tickets, then its best to avoid the rush and go after 9.15am.

If you cannot drive or find a lift, getting to and from Honeybourne Station is not totally easy. You could take a taxi, or walk along Buckle Street and dodge the traffic. There are footpaths across fields away from the traffic or you could cycle. There are a few buses each day but they go to Evesham and from there you would need to take another bus to Willersey - it would be better to stay on the train to Evesham and then take the R4 bus! Other stations on bus routes connecting to Willersey are Moreton-in-Marsh, Cheltenham and Stratford-upon-Avon.
You can view the live departure board at most stations like this one at Moreton in Marsh. The details link will tell you where that particular train is in real time.

Trainline has the goal of making it easy to plan rail journeys and also get live train running times, accessibility, and facility info.

The car park at Honeybourne Station is (unusually) currently free and there are stands to padlock your cycle.
Here is a map of the train services in our area. Honeybourne is approximately at the top of the map in the middle.
This is a map of the Cross Country trains.
This zoomable map has every station in the country but it is very detailed.
If you are travelling to London, the cheapest best value ticket is usually a cheap day return but some advance tickets can be cheaper. They are published up to 3 months ahead.
It helps to buy a discount card if you are eliglble for one. Split ticketing surprisingly may also work out cheaper.
Rail ticket prices in the UK are some of the most expensive in Europe. Crazily for some journeys it can be cheaper to fly out of the UK to a foreign airport and then back to your destination!

The line between Charlbury and Evesham had been reduced to single track but most was redoubled from August 2011 because of increased customer demand.
The plans to build a new Worcestershire Parkway Regional Interchange station near to Norton to cope with further expected increased customer demand have been approved. The new station should be complete by 2019. This in turn will lead to the Cotswold line between London Paddington and Worcester being doubled all the way.
The Cotswold Line Promotion Group keeps up with the latest developments.

The Stratford Worcester Oxford (SWO) group are calling for the line from Honeybourne to Stratford to be reinstated with a a station at Long Marston. Developer CALA Homes, building 3,000 houses in Long Martson would provide £17m of the £60m needed. Travel time to Birmingham from Evesham would be cut from two hours to 58 minutes. Evesham and other local villages would benefit from such a new route.

If for any reason there are major problems on the Moreton Line, then a possible alternative is to drive to Banbury and take the train from there. Another option is to drive to Water Eaton Park-and-Ride north of Oxford and from there take a Chiltern Railways train to London Marylebone from Oxford Parkway Railway station. If more than two of you are travelling to London together, or you want to arrive at an anti-social time, then consider driving to the Thornhill Park and Ride in Oxford and taking the Oxford Tube coach. If you wish to drive further, then Hillingdon station on the London Underground can be a good choice.

The Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway, a heritage steam line, has in 2018 extended to Broadway.
After 58 years train services again run to Broadway Station! This section includes a spectacular 15 arch viaduct at Stanway. You can now travel over 15 miles from the historic village of Broadway all the way to the Race Course Station in the town of Cheltenham.
A possible further future extension to Honeybourne and the National Rail network will follow the original route and pass near to Willersey.
Finally Shakespeare's birthplace of Stratford upon Avon will be joined in either by Cala homes as above or by GWSR.

The railway's steam and diesel trains carried over 144,000 passengers in 2018, compared with 101,000 the previous year, an increase of 42.5%. Tickets sales were up 49% to just over 125,300. Commercial director Colin Fewell said: “Almost every aspect of the railway's operation has seen significant growth - whether ordinary operating days or special events. “Opening Broadway station was a very special occasion and it has changed the dynamics of the railway.”

Here are some plans to open the line from Honeybourne to Stratford in the future.

Steam Train at Broadway Station

Indicator boards are not necessarily accurate!
Stupid train indicator board
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Birmingham Airport is 40 miles away, and Bristol Airport 71 miles away. Although Oxford Airport is 32 miles away
it does not carry the flight volume of the other two airports. A new railway station is currently under construction there.

Gatwick Airport is easily reached by train from Honeybourne and other local stations by taking a train towards London and changing at Reading.
Heathrow Airport requires two changes, one at Slough and another at Hayes & Harlington.
For Stansted Airport take a train to London Paddington, tube to Liverpool Street and then an overground train to Stansted Airport station.

Birmingham Airport, Birmingham International Railway station and the National Exhibition Centre are all next door to each other on the same site.
A covered walkway and an automatic Skyrail shuttle link them all together.
Birmingham Airport now has a free 30 minute drop off and pick up zone. You can pay for a premium drop off service. You can also take your travellers to the railway station and they can use the free automatic Skyrail which operates every two minutes daily between 05:15 and 02:00. If you are collecting someone, then there is a free short term car park for up to 20 minutes on the right hand side beyond the railway station entrance.

Here is a complete Guide to Birmingham Airport.

If you really do not want to fly then the man in seat 61 can help you travel to most of the world.

. Map of Willersey and surrounding villages.
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Willersey Parish Council in the past published a booklet of six walks around Willersey. Below are scans of the booklet. Click on the images to make them larger.
(Walk four now includes crossing the Broadway bypass with steps and stiles - just watch our for fast moving traffic.)

Willersey walks cover   Willersey walks foreword   Willersey General Information
Willersey walks one   Willersey walks two   Willersey walks three
Willersey walks four   Willersey walks five   Willersey walks six

Here are a more traditional forms of transport in Willersey.

Sweet lttle horse in Willersey    Horse riders in Willersey

Bidford-on-Avon bridge open after a severe bashing by some agricultural equipment.

The bridge in Bidford-0n-Avon on the B4085, the Honeybourne Road reopened on November 3rd 2015 after being closed from June 10th 2015. Severe damage caused by a tractor and crop sprayer caused it closure. The crop sprayer hit the side of the medieval bridge causing part of it to crumble into the River Avon. The bridge remained closed for six months after the farm vehicle crashed into it. Diversions were put in place for traffic and bus services altered their routes though the bridge did remain open to pedestrians and cyclists. Its closure meant a ten mile detour. Although traditionally repaired the new masonry is easy to see as it is brighter than the original. Here is the official news.

Broken Bidford Bridge

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