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Willersey Village Hall

The ( free ) village car park is right behind the village hall and can be used by all visitors and residents in Willersey.


As you are probably aware the Village Hall Committee are putting together plans to refurbish the fabric and interior of the Hall. This is a large scale refurbishment which will include a new insulated roof, external cladding and insulation, windows, new entrance doors, new disabled ramps and handrails, low voltage lighting, new portable stage system, a new storage room on the rear of hall and the levelling and resurfacing of the rear car park.

The work is expected to cost up to £200k of which we already have the promise of £100k courtesy of the governments S106 contributions scheme from the two developers currently building on the Broadway Road and Collin lane sites. We will be making grant applications very shortly but in order that we put a good case forward we need to show that there is a need to spend money on this much used and loved facility.

This support can most easily be demonstrated in the form of a letter to the hall committee explaining how much the hall means to our community, so we would be very grateful if your organisation could let us have a letter stating why we should receive funding for this much needed refurbishment. Letters from individuals would also be most welcome; as grant-funding authorities have to be convinced that any financial support reaches as many people as possible.

We launched a fundraising year on Sunday May 6th, which happens to be exactly 50 years since the existing hall was opened on that day in 1968. This event explained more about our refurbishment programme together with a display showing the history of our Village Hall, which was originally opened in 1921. Also on display was a fascinating recollection of the Village History put together by the late Maurice Andrews. This display depicts life in the village over the last 100 years with many photographs including the opening of the original hall and some of the many events, which have taken, place over that time.

Our Village Hall is busy and well used by many clubs and organisations including the following:-

Willersey School WI - The Women's Institute
Yoga twice a week
Keep Fit and Active
Probus - regular gatherings of retired or semi-retired business or professional people.
Various groups from U3A- University of the Third Age.
Wednesday Club Table Tennis

The Parish Council has an attached office which is open once a week usually on Monday mornings
between 9:30 and 12:00. At election times, the polling station is set up in the Village Hall.
We also have WiFi and a Snooker Club with a full size table.

The hall is available for regular bookings and functions at reasonable rates.
It has a good sized, well equipped kitchen and also ample free car parking.
It is well signposted when driving along Main Street and is opposite to the Petrol Station.

For booking information please contact Bill & Annie Payne on 01386 858368.
You can also enquire by email at

Find out more about the hall here.

22nd March 2017
Cotswold District Council has announced that 65 village and community halls, village shops will be exempted from rates until at least 31st March 2020. This will save them collectively a further £20,100 on top of the mandatory relief which has already been granted previously. The Leader of CDC, Cllr Lynden Stowe has determined 65 renewal applications for discretionary rate relief for village halls across many parts of the Cotswolds:
Commenting on the decision, Cllr Stowe said:
“It's very important that the Council continues to provide rate relief to non-profit making assets such as village halls. These premises contribute to the rich tapestry of life in our District by providing a vast range of activities for young and old, and are essential for maintaining thriving communities.”
If any person responsible for a village hall has not applied for this discretionary rate relief so far, please call the Council on 01285 623000 as soon as possible.

HISTORY OF THE VILLAGE HALL and Willersey Parish Room

The first move to build a “Village Room” was made by the Committee of Willersey Football Club on 22nd November 1920. A meeting was held at the New Inn to consider the question of raising funds to provide a Village Room.
The Committee elected was
Chairman Mr J. Payne
Secretary Mr R. Kilby
Treasurer Mr J. Payne;
J. JelfsJ. Ingles
T.P. IngleT. Hartwell
R. ByrdF. Byrd
A.W. InglesT. Jordan
J. LeadbetterA. Ingles
T. Proctor    

Between November 1920 and January 1921 several whist drives were held and the proceeds added to donations received and transfer of funds from the Coronation Fund. On 7th February 1921, Messrs Payne, Proctor and Kilby reported “That they had interviewed Mr Jordan in respect to the price of land which the Committee wished to purchase for a site to erect the Hall upon.” £35 being the price asked. It was agreed that the Secretary purchase the site for £35.
On 28th February 1921 the Committee agreed “That two members be appointed to view the hut at Cambridge with power to buy it if suitable and in good order up to the figure of £70 or thereabout.” Major Roderick and Mr Payne were appointed to attend the sale. On 10th March 1921, Messrs Payne and Kilby reported that they had bought a hut for £150 and fittings for £4.3s.6d. and it was agreed that a Loan of £120 be taken up with the Bank. In the same month the Committee considered this account:-
Lodging Expenses for fortnight £8. 0s 0d
Fares etc £3. 3s 0d
1 man 43½ hrs £3.16s 1d
Wages (Harry Byrd and Frank Sadler) £9. 4s 0d
Total £24. 3s 1d

(Before UK decimalisation in February 1971, there were 12 pence(d) in a shilling(s) and 20 shillings, or 240 pence, in a pound)

It was agreed that Harry Byrd be paid an extra £2 and Frank Sadler £1.10.0. for taking down the Hut and further agreed that the Hall be put up the full length if the extra ground can be procured. Messr Jordan later agreed to sell the extra ground for £2.10.0. and Mr Proctor said he would pay for re-building the wall. (The Hut measured 105‘ x 22‘ and the land purchased was 115‘ x 60‘). The Room was opened in May 1921. By a Deed dated 20th July 1923 Mr Walter Jordan conveyed to Willersey Village Hall Committee a piece of land containing 18 perches or thereabouts for Thirty-two Pounds Ten Shillings.

By a Deed dated 7th June 1946 Walter Barron conveyed to the Committee further land for the sum of £78.10.0d.
(As a unit of area, a square perch is equal to a square with sides of 16½ feet, or 5½ yards).
In 1965 the Committee started an appeal to raise funds for a New Building. A Planning Application for the New Building was submitted in December 1966 and in 1967 the Parish Council agreed to accept Trusteeship of the Hall. Work was started on the New Building in January 1968. In May 1968 the Parish Council was informed that the Opening Ceremony of the New Village Hall would take place on 6th May 1968 at 8pm. The Hall, costing £9000, was officially opened on Monday 6th May 1968 by Mr Harold Andrews and it had taken only ten weeks to erect.
In addition to Mr Andrews there were present:- Revd. Simpson, Rector and Chairman Cdr R.W. Anstice, Secretary/Treasurer Mr Harry Taylor, Contractor Mr B.E. Ingles, Parish Council Chairman Other Councillors and Villagers
“...The Villagers raised £3000. The Department of Education and Science gave a Grant of £5000, and the County Education Authority £1000.” In March 1969 the Reverend Simpson reported the Hall had now been paid for and thanked all residents for giving so generously to the Fund.

The Hall is now regulated under the Charity Commissioners, by a Deed dated 4th April 1968. The Parish Council is the Custodian Trustee and the Hall is administered by the Village Hall Committee.

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