Newland Homes Developments in Willersey

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Newland Homes was originally granted permission for 50 houses in Collin Lane in Willersey - scroll down below for details.

Newland Homes have now come forward with a new proposal for 40 extra houses on the same Moore Land adjacent to their Collin Lane site.

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The Parish Council was informed by Newlands that they will be submitting a planning application in December 2020 to extend the Willow Green site in Collin Lane down to The Quinary with the addition of up to 40 new houses. The Parish Council has successfully opposed a similar previous application and it was rejected at appeal. Newlands have now redesigned the application and are making another attempt.

If you wish to comment on this application follow this link. There will be 21 days for residents to comment on this Cotswold DC Planning Portal and we encourage people to do so.

Newland homes went to appeal after its original application for a further 40 houses on an adjacent site was refused. It lost this appeal in January 2019.

Here is a link to the 109 documents associated with this appeal for 40 more houses in Collin Lane.

Moore Land, Collin Lane, Willersey, Broadway    Description of development: Planning application for residential development of up to 40 dwellings (including details of access to be determined)
Application Reference: 17/04765/OUT   Appellant's name:    Newland Homes Ltd   Appeal Reference: APP/F1610/W/19/3229031

An Appeal has been made to the Secretary of State against the decision of Cotswold District Council to refuse to grant planning permission. The appeal will be determined on the basis of a hearing. The procedure to be followed is set out in the Town and Country Planning Appeals (Hearings Procedure) (England) Rules 2000, as amended.

You will receive further notification regarding the hearing arrangements. We have forwarded all the representations made to Cotswold District Council on the application to the Planning Inspectorate and the appellant. These will be considered by the Inspector when determining the appeal.

If you wish to make comments, or modify/withdraw your previous representation, you can do so at the Planning Portal or by emailing

This link may provide more direct access.

If you do not have access to the internet, you can send three copies to: Lucy Silcocks, The Planning Inspectorate, 3G Hawk Wing, Temple Quay House, 2 The Square Bristol BS1 6PN

All representations must be received by 23rd August 2019. Any representations submitted after the deadline will not usually be considered and will be returned. The Planning Inspectorate does not acknowledge representations. All representations must quote the appeal reference. Please note that any representations you submit to the Planning Inspectorate will be copied to the appellant and the Local Planning Authority and will be considered by the Inspector when determining the appeal.

The appointed Planning Inspector will attend a hearing on 3rd October 2019 at 10:00am at The Council Chamber, CDC Offices, Trinity Road, Cirencester GL7 1PX.    01285 623900

You may attend the Hearing or have someone attend on your behalf and, at the Planning Inspector's discretion, give your views. It may be helpful to advise The Planning Inspectorate of your decision to attend.

   Application Form   
   Application Form   
   Application Form   
   Decision Notice   
   Bat Activity Survey   
   Covering Letter   
   Design Access Statement   
   Draft Heads of Terms   
   Ecological Appraisal   
   Highways Review of Shelaa Site   
   Planning Statement   
   Tree Survey and Constraints   
   Proposed Illustrative Layout   
   Proposed Storey Heights Plan   
   Site Location Plan   
   Transport Assessment   

Reference      17/04765/OUT      Address      Moore Land, Collin Lane, Willersey, Broadway WR12 7PE
Proposal      Outline planning application for residential development of up to 40 dwellings (including details of access to be determined)
Here is a map of the proposed layout and its relation to the already permitted 50 houses. (For a larger, better detailed, version click on the map; wait for it to load.)

Willersey Newlands 40 more houses

Following the Willersey Parish Council meeting on 20th December the above application was discussed in a full and frank manner, and in consultation with Cllr Lynden Stowe, who attended the meeting. It was unanimously resolved that the clerk should record a strong objection to the planning application. Reference will be made to the public meetings on the matter of further development in Willersey, which recorded an overwhelming decision that Willersey had now taken on enough development and was not able to take any more. The timescale was not able to assimilate all growth which amounted to 30% within a 2-3 year period. Our infrastructure is totally unsuitable for any more development. The problem of a compromised access to the village was also discussed at length. It was resolved that the intention of Willersey Parish Council would be to apply for a reconstruction of the bridge along Collin Lane to assist with both traffic calming as well as the safety concerns the Parish Council has raised with both Sustrans and Cotswold District Council.

To comment of this application to Cotswold District Council use the following information
Reference: 17/04765/OUT      Address Moore Land Collin Lane Willersey Broadway WR12 7PE.
You can comment via Cotswold District Council's website, on the public access section of planning at:

Here are the contact details should you wish to comment in a letter or send emails BUT PLEASE DON'T FORGET TO QUOTE THE REFERENCE NUMBER AND ADDRESS:
Cotswold District Council,
Trinity Road,
Gloucestershire GL7 1PX
Telephone: 01285 623000      Fax: 01285 623900      Email:

Reserved Matters for Newland Homes Development

Here are the full details of the Reserved Matters from Newland Homes for their original 50 houses development off Collin Lane in Willersey.
(Some of these files are quite large so be patient as they load.) Some house types have more than one file.

Design and Planning
   Design Statement       House Type Combined Pack       Location Plan       Planning Layout (Reduced)   
   Planning Layout       Building Heights Key Plan       Affordable Housing Key Plan       External Material Finishes Key Plan   
   External Materials Schedule       Boundaries & Enclosures Key Plan       Tree Protection Fencing Plan       Bird + Bat Box Location Plan   
   House Type 1AB       House Type 1BF       House Type 1BF       House Type 2BH   
   House Type 2BH       House Type 2BS       House Type 2BS       House Type 3BH   
   House Type 3BH       House Type 3BS       House Type 3BS       House Type BU3   
   House Type BU3       House Type HL4       House Type HL4       House Type HO3   
   House Type HO3       House Type HO3       House Type HO3       House Type HO4   
   House Type HO4       House Type HT4       House Type HT4       House Type HT4   
   House Type HZ4       House Type HZ4       House Type LO3       House Type LO3   
   House Type WG4       House Type WG4       Garage Type Pack       Site Sections   
   Street Scenes_A1 (Reduced)       Street Scenes_A1               

   Agreement Plan       Swept Path Analysis - Refuse Vehicle 1       Swept Path Analysis - Refuse Vehicle 2       Swept Path Analysis - Refuse Vehicle 3   
   Swept Path Analysis - Refuse Vehicle 4       Parking Provision       External Works Layout 1       External Works Layout 2   
   External Works Layout 3       Drainage and Finished Levels 1       Drainage and Finished Levels 2       Drainage and Finished Levels 3   
   Pond 1 Plan and Sections       Pond 2 Plan and Sections       Works to Existing Streams       Western Stream Sections showing Flood Corridor   
   External Works Details - Walls, Fences and Railings       Drainage Calculations       FRA_Rev E - Issue_Bound       Final-Collin Lane Willersey   
   Site Survey       Collin Lane Willersey - Designers Response       Willersey - SI Report        

   Collin Lane Landscape Proposals       Collin Lane Maintenance Plan   

Supporting Information
   Application Form       Application Form No Personal Data       Attachment Summary   
   Fee Calculation/a>       Justification Letter - Willersey       Land off Collin Lane - Ecological Appraisal/a>   

Here is the Newland Homes website.

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